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dcaenc is a Free Software (LGPL-licensed) encoder for the DTS Coherent Acoustics audio format. It may be useful if you want to create a DTS CD or a DTS soundtrack for a DVD from a 6-channel PCM wav file using linux. Another use case is related to real-time encoding of multichannel PCM audio output from arbitrary linux applications for transmission over SPDIF.

The DTS technology is heavily patented. Please do not download and do not use this software if you live in a country such as USA where software patents are legal and you don't have a patent license from DTS, Inc.

The latest source code can be obtained from git:

git clone

The package contains the shared library, the corresponding dcaenc.h header, the dcaenc command line tool, and (optionally) the ALSA plugin.

The latest released version of dcaenc is 2.

dcaenc-2.tar.gz Size: 351199 bytes, SHA1: 786f93d7c07f8939b8d6331ee927e8024abd70a5

Minor cleanups and bugfixes.

Older versions:

dcaenc-1.tar.gz Size: 348195 bytes, SHA1: 87f51452b98a09a15ebb1ff11f843fe586b43f2c

The first public release.

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